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L. Shima is a Detroit based model and Model Coordinator for The College for Creative Studies. Since beginning her modeling career 7 years ago, she has amassed an organic following of over 70K people worldwide while being featured in numerous magazines, publications, blogs, digital campaigns, videos, catalogues, calendars and websites. An authentic disposition and opportunities for creative exploration are paramount to Shima. Her exceptionally diverse portfolio and visual vocabulary is a testament to her accomplishments in all genres of modeling. Shima shows no signs of slowing down and is always on the look out for inspiring projects. 

In addition to modeling, Shima is the creator and host of the popular video podcast Hour Glass. This weekly show explores the business and craft of modeling and the arts, and regularly features guests from the Detroit creative community. Prior to her podcast, Shima was the regular host of celebrated website Junnktank’s weekly #Wknd video series.

Shima is currently open for bookings, and encourages serious enquires to be directed to her contact link. When not working, L. is passionate about Detroit’s renaissance, her and her illustrator boyfriend’s goofy Weimaeraner Akira, and spreading positivity.

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