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Hourglass, formerly Be Cool, is THE podcast for insight into the life of acclaimed model L. Shima. Join host and creator Shima as she shares ridiculous stories covering 7+ explosive years in the modeling industry full of inspiring highs and heart breaking lows. Regular guests from the fashion, modeling, and fine art industries bring first hand insight into their creative lifestyles.
Eternal optimism, perspectives on Detroit, and culinary surprises round out every show. Join Shima LIVE on Twitch every week or listen at your convenience via this page or via her Youtube and Soundcloud account.

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*New episodes are currently on hold.

#13 | My Sister Keiko

This week, I have my family over to spend time to celebrate my 25th birthday! While they were here, I decide to have my big sister Keiko on my podcast and share random stories.

#12 | $15 Limit

This week I show you how I get BUSY at thrift stores! I gave myself a budget of $15-20 to find an entire outfit (head to toe)! Was I able to make it work?!

#11 | Modern Day Sex Worker

I share my thoughts on how social media has changed the adult industry and created new ways of working!

#10 | Producing Shoots

I break it down on how I organize and set up a shoot. There are simple ways that can make any shoot successful, just be prepared for a lot of work and  stressful moments!

#9 | Social Interactions

Do you feel shy, awkward, and don't do well talking to others? Or are you quite the opposite? It doesn't matter where you stand, but what does matter is we all have moments dealing with social interactions!! This week I will share my personal experiences, and how I deal with talking to others!! :)

#8 | Shoot Ready: Make-Up

This week I describe what it takes to get "shoot ready" for a variety of gigs - this week covers makeup. THIS ISN'T A TUTORIAL OF HOW TO APPLY MAKE-UP, very far from it! I am more showing the different looks  clients and photographers may ask for, and what those style mean to me. :)

#7 | Hiatus

This week I chat with y'all where my head is at with social media and as well as modeling! And what changes are going to happen.

#6 | Terra Castro

Terra Castro is a retired tri-athlete, gym owner, and an amazing human being. Sit down and watch us chat about fitness, life, Detroit, and just being real!!

#5 | Fit Finesse

This week I get passionate about fitness. Don't worry, I am not that person trying to make you start running marathons or even running 1 mile, but I do break down a few informative facts that can help you if you are interested in becoming a fitness junkie! :)

#4 | Claire Voyant

Claire Voyant is a Detroit model moving to Philly in the next few weeks! Watch as we discuss her opinions one her career, and the things she has dealt with as a professional model!

#3 | Body Positive

This week I discuss the real truth of body image, where I stand myself,  and what models and other individuals may go through in their journey to be happy and healthy!!

#2 | Stephen Crosson

Stephen Crosson is a Detroit photographer who has his own way of handling obstacles and definitely knows how to work the camera! Join me as I get to know him a bit deeper, play random games, and also follow him during his shoot with model Shelby!!!

**Excuse the audio not matching with visuals**  :)

# 1 | The Truth

Hey everyone!! I AM BACK and ready to share a new series called Hourglass! It is pretty much the same as the former podcast Be Cool, but with a few changes. This week I get into why the new changes, and what has truly been happening behind the scenes in my life!

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