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This page collects Season #2 of L. Shima’s podcast. At that time it was called Be Cool.

#28 | Trivia Night

Season 2 finale! To end an awesome season, I decided to play a fun game of trivia with some awesome prizes! Plus I give a little history on how Be Cool was created!

#27 | FTV Back In

Francis Vallejo checks in to talk about his adventures, Jazz Day, and baseball cards.

#26 | Be Cool Supporters

Things change and you just have to roll with the punches!

#25 | Current Events

This week I get into random topics. Short, simple, but entertaining!

#24 | Sexual Desires

Does every photographer/artist sleep with their models!?

#23 | Sara Foxy

Foxy is a talented model. She's probably the best woman figure model in Detroit! Join me as I pick Foxy's brain about figure modeling and her other talents!

#22 | Figure Modeling

I started my career with figure modeling. I feel like it is something every model should try to familiarize themselves with their body and poses! I share my thoughts on what it is like to be a figure model!

#21 | Hit You Up in the DM

DM (Direct Message) is the new generation of email. I just hope it doesn't become that serious. This episode I chat about my experiences with DMs, from the GOOD to the UGLY!!

#20 | Crystal Robinson

Crystal is a local Detroit artist. She tackles numerous industries, from designing to math tutoring. She goes deep into her life, and what it takes to be where she is at today.

#19 | Plus 1 AKA Escorts

Definition of an escort: A person that a model brings to their shoot. I discuss my history with escorts, and what I feel is the positive and negative of bringing one!

#18 | LaToya Joy

LaToya shares the inside of her world, and her thoughts towards her hustle in the industry!!

*** I am a klutz, and forgot to record the episode. I was fortunate Periscope came through, and I was able to save the video. So WARNING: the quality is not perfect, but the episode is AMAZING!!***

#17 | Jessa Jordan

Jessa is a phenomenal human being! This episode we get informed about her career and world view.

#16 | Kendrah Harden

Kendrah is a talented model and business woman. She has worked in a variety of modeling genres, plus she is just an awesome person to get to know! All those giggles!! :)

#15 | Valentine

Valentine's day excursion, plus my thoughts on this Reddit post: link.

#14 | Trying to Catch Up

So much has happened!! I don't even know where to start!

#13 | Cassandra Ward

I've worked with MUA Cassandra on many gigs in the past and I finally caught her during down time to get to know her even more! She shared her experiences with make-up, and how to properly maintain good skin!

#12 | Paul Tomayo & Yang Kim

Let's get to know photographer Paul Tamayo and Graphic Designer Yang Kim! Hip-hop, bras, skills, and of course... Vegemite!!

#11 | Planes, Bras, etc.

Want to hear L.Shima's version of what happens when a plane crashes? Maybe that is too dramatic for you. How about we talk about bras and random things? :)

#10 | Organizing Travel

Every time I decide to travel, I have to start a whole process of organizing shoots, schedules, and budget. I’ve begun the process for my current NYC trip, and I've already started dealing with issues!!

#9 | Recap: 2015

I learned a lot this past year, and have big plans for the next!

#8 | Tis the Season: Karaoke

There are no words to describe this episode, other than the words that I just wrote.

#7 | College

My thoughts towards college.

*** My audio begins to lag halfway through this episode :) ***

#6 | Social Media

Social Media surrounds our life. While it allows us a chance to get to know someone, we have to think.. is it true, or is it all lies?

#5 | 80085

Boobs, Butts, Boobs... what is going on here?

#4 | Wacky Detroit Adventures

Marvin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum, Beard Contests, and the Pet Expo.. The things L.Shima gets into!!

#3 | The Transition

L.Shima discusses her reason for the new direction in her career!

#2 | Detroit

L.Shima gets real. She explains here thoughts towards Detroit, and why she moved there in the first place!

#1 | Welcome Back

I am back! This week, I just go over how Be Cool works, and just have a great time answering questions and sharing stories!

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